This project included several tasks beginning with the preparation of a Mixed Use Condominium Plan for the Ritz Carlton Hotel and residential condominiums.  The Condominium Plan included 23 residential condominiums, 13 commercial condominiums, and 28 hotel units.  The Condominium Plan was submitted and has recorded.

Michael Dequine and Associates, Inc. was also retained to conduct a boundary survey of over 235 acres of very mountainous terrain resulting in a Large Lot Final Map showing the Northstar Highlands II project area. This final map was submitted for technical review to Placer County and is now recorded. Subsequent to the filing of the Large Lot Final Map – Phase 1 Michael Dequine and Associates, Inc. was retained to prepare and process three additional small lot final subdivision maps all of which have been recorded. Our work has included historical research, coordination with numerous consultants, acquisition of Preliminary Title Reports, field surveys to establish horizontal and vertical control based upon ties to published National Geodetic Survey monuments resulting in California State Plane Coordinate System values, field surveys to locate over 100 existing survey monuments, boundary analysis, easement calculations, and field surveys to set new property corner monuments.