This project included research, acquisition and review of Preliminary Title Reports, field surveys to locate and identify Caltrans survey monuments, and determination of Caltrans Right of Way lines along Interstate Highway 5 in Sacramento, CA. Also preparation of a tentative and final parcel map to dedicate Neasham Circle and to create a parcel for the current Embassy Suites hotel. Services also included property boundary surveys for over 30 parcels of land, topographic surveys, design surveys, utility location surveys, bathymetric surveys, and preparation of base map drawings for design. Also coordination with City staff and the State Lands Commission regarding preparation of legal descriptions and exhibits to support a boundary line agreement to identify the property line between State lands and private lands along the Sacramento River Waterfront extending from Capital Mall south to the bridge crossing the Sacramento River.  This project also included extensive historical research, monument searches, and field surveys to re-establish the location on the ground of the original lines of the Rancho New Helvetia originally mapped in 1859 and coordination with the City of Sacramento and a local attorney to effect an action to quiet title related to a faulty legal description.