Tentative Parcel Maps and Tentative Subdivision Maps

Tentative Parcel Maps and Tentative Subdivision Maps

Local agencies are charged, under the Subdivision Map Act, with ensuring orderly development of the community within their jurisdiction. Each local agency has their own process and requirements for submitting a tentative map. Generally a tentative parcel map is required for proposed subdivisions of 4 or fewer parcels and a tentative subdivision map is required for subdivisions of 5 or more lots. The tentative maps typically show the current existing conditions of the property as well as the proposed new parcel lines. The existing conditions will typically show the property boundary, easements, topography, and utilities currently serving the property. The tentative map will also show the proposed configuration of lots, the location of proposed roadways, the location of all utilities and how the owner intends to deliver utility services to each lot. It will also include a grading plan, utility plan, and a drainage plan.

Preparing a Tentative Map and submitting it to the local agency allows the local agency to review the plans of the owner against the local agency’s codes including, but not limited to the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and local Improvement Standards that are required within their community for orderly development. Once the tentative map has been reviewed by the various departments within the local agency a list of conditions of approval are developed. The conditions tell the owner what must be done in order for the property development to meet local standards for development. Once the local agency approves the Tentative Map the owner can then begin the process of developing the property. Once the owner has met all of the required conditions of approval a Final Parcel Map or Final Subdivision Map can be recorded.


Tentative Parcel Maps

1415 D Street, City of Sacramento
(2 Parcels)

Airport Road, City of Sacramento, CA
(3 Parcels)

Morris Property, Solano County, CA
(4 Parcels)

Tentative Subdivision Maps

Twin Oaks Estates, City of Sacramento, CA
(27 lots – approved tentative map)

Morey Avenue Estates, City of Sacramento, CA
(34 lots – approved tentative map)

Oroville Industrial Park, City of Oroville, CA
(112 industrial lots – approved tentative map)

Tapestri Square, City of Sacramento, CA
(58 lots – approved tentative map)