Condominium Conversions

Condominium Conversions

A condominium conversion is the process by which an existing apartment building or other multi-family type building is converted from a rental building into a building where individual owners can own a condominium unit within the building along with a an undivided interest in a common area.  The process typically includes preparation of a one lot tentative subdivision map, an application, and payment of fees to a local agency.   Numerous other items are necessary for a complete submittal.  Once submitted, the application and supporting documents are routed to various local agency departments and a set of Conditions of Approval will be prepared.  Our team will review the proposed Conditions of Approval and if acceptable we will advise the local agency.  Various public meetings are involved and if all goes well the local agency will approve our application for the Condominium Conversion.  Upon approval, we work with our clients and other team members to insure Conditions of Approval are met.  We coordinate with the other team members to prepare architectural plans, civil engineering plans, Homeowner’s Association budgets, and other required items.  Michael Dequine and Associates, will prepare a one lot final subdivision map and work with the Common Interest Development attorney and Architect to prepare a Condominium Plan depicting the three dimensional condominium units, as well as the various common areas typically associated with condominium development.

Condominium conversions are heavily regulated regarding the treatment of existing tenants, building construction requirements, parking requirements, etc.  An experienced Land Surveying firm like Michael Dequine and Associates, Inc. is highly recommended during this process.

Michael Dequine and Associates, Inc. also has long standing relationships with Common Interest Development attorneys who are very familiar with the process.  In addition to an experienced Land Surveyor and Common Interest Development Attorney, an experienced Architect, Civil Engineer, and Bureau of Real Estate processing specialist may be required.

At Michael Dequine and Associates, Inc. we have relationships and have successfully completed projects with all of these highly experienced professionals.  We are happy to assist our clients in forming the right team to accomplish their objectives.

Past Projects:

Oakview Apartments Condominium Conversion, Visalia, CA

237 Units Approved Tentative Map

The Falls Apartment Building, Condominium Conversion, Sacramento, CA

272 Units Tentative Map submitted

Westwood Apartments Condominium Conversion, Sacramento County, CA

182 units – Conditional Use Permit submitted