Property Boundary Surveys

Property Boundary Surveys

A property boundary survey is a procedure by which Michael Dequine and Associates, Inc. identifies their opinion regarding the location of the property boundary on a parcel of land.  Property boundary surveys are dependent on the legal description included in the property deed for that particular parcel of land.  Legal descriptions, such as Lot and Block descriptions, can be fairly simple to resolve while others, such as Metes and Bounds descriptions, can be highly complex.  The process begins by conducting research to identify the subject property vesting deed, adjoining deeds, recorded maps, and corner records.  A field survey is then initiated to conduct horizontal and vertical control surveys and to search for and locate existing survey monuments.  Field information is reviewed and analyzed during the boundary analysis process and Michael Dequine and Associates, Inc. Professional Land Surveyors identify their opinion regarding the property boundary location.

Section 8762 of the State of California Business and Professions Code (The Land Surveyor’s Act) requires that a Licensed Land Surveyor shall file a Record of Survey Map whenever we establish the points or lines of any property that has not been previously shown on any Subdivision Map, Official Map, or Record of Survey Map.

Past Projects:

  • Northstar Highlands II – Large Lot Final Map Phase 1 (235 +/- acres), Placer County, CA
  • Mule Creek State Prison, Ione, CA
  • Liberty Project, 329 +/- acres, City of West Sacramento, Yolo County, CA
  • Parklands South, 15 +/- acres, City of Rocklin, Placer County, CA

Learn more about the California Business and Professions Code Section 8762 (The Land Surveyor’s Act)