Condominium Plans

Condominium Plans

A condominium plan is one of the components in the process to develop new condominiums or to convert an apartment to a condominium use.  Jurisdictions vary regarding which type of entitlement application must be submitted although typically a new condominium project will include an application for a one lot tentative subdivision map, processing of the application, and approval by the local agency assuming zoning requirements, density, and other factors are acceptable.  A Conditional use Permit is another entitlement sometimes used by local agencies for this process.  If approved the entitlement will include Conditions of approval which may include preparation of a set of civil improvement plans, landscape plans, and preparation of a one lot final subdivision map.  The California Bureau of Real Estate will require that a Condominium Plan be submitted for their review and approval.  The Condominium Plan will identify each individual air space unit with dimensions to the unfinished interior walls of each unit.  Condominium projects are considered Common Interest Development projects.  As such each Condominium unit is owned in fee by an owner along with an undivided interest in one or more common areas.  The Condominium Plan will also designate each common area as well as any “Exclusive Use Common Areas” such as parking or storage areas.

Past Projects:


  • The Esplanade, Unit 1 – 4, City of Folsom, Sacramento County 257 units
  • Bella Rose, City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, 201 units
  • Jesse Avenue, City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, 60 units

Commercial/ Industrial

  • 818 K Street, Sacramento, CA (commercial)
  • 1001 K Street Sacramento, CA (commercial)
  • 5801 Warehouse Way, Sacramento, CA (industrial)

Mixed Use

  • The Highlands Resort at Northstar, Truckee, CA (The Ritz Carlton)
    23 residential units, 13 commercial units, 28 and hotel units
  • The Penthouses at Capitol Park, City of Sacramento
    30 residential units, 1 hotel unit
  • 1600 H Street Condominiums, City of Sacramento, CA
    5 commercial units, 42 residential units